Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Win... And You Can Too!

This is a cardio day and I must say I had a great cardio workout this morning! I'm so psyched.... my balance is better, doing steps better, way stronger .....Ha! so much for Lupus...I WIN!

Started this blog to document my success with the Shrink It Weight Loss System but it's really more than that for me. It's another victory over lupus from which I've been in remission for five years (during which I've earned an M.S. in Holistic Nutrition.) Nutrition gave me back my life. It is now my mission to keep this body as optimally healthy as I can. My body was exercise intolerant during the time my lupus was active. So it was with some fear I started my exercise routine. (Hmmm who am I kidding? It was with a LOT of fear.) I workout four days a week. Two cardio and two strength training. Let me say I'm going at it with a single-minded determination. I will NOT let illness take the choices in my life away from me again.

It's somewhat unfortunate the Shrink It Weight Loss System has "weight loss" in the name. It's about much more than losing weight. The products in the Shrink It System support your optimal health. For instance, everyone should be taking a quality multi-nutrition product like VitaOne . In 2002, it was recommended in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) everyone take a quality multi-nutrition supplement. Why? Because most folks don't eat very healthy to begin with AND our produce now has 5 - 40% less nutrients in it. So even if you eat well you can't get all the nutrients your body needs.

Or let's look at another product in the Shrink It system Omega 3. Omega 3 is a good fat. You need good fats to help you lose weight, but Omega 3 has a lot of other benefits too. Google "Omega 3 benefits". You will be amazed!

So yeah this has been another victory for me. I'm losing 2 lbs a week and am much stronger. But it's NOT about losing weight. Losing weight is NOT about losing weight for anybody. Losing weight is terrific and it makes you feel good to look better. But it's really about being HEALTHIER and fostering a Healthstyle which works for you instead of against you!

Eat well, exercise, feel better, look better... give your body the support it needs to work optimally well. I'm winning my battle...... I don't want you to have a battle to win. It's a whole lot easier to stay well than to get well. Every facet of your life depends on your wellness. Don't take it for granted. OK?

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