Monday, May 3, 2010

Sugar: Not Always Bad

Pick up any diet book or read almost any diet article and you will read about the evils of sugar. Millions of dollars are spent on diet products spiked with fake sweeteners in the effort to cut out sugar. We are in a frenzy to lose weight by cutting out evil sugar.

What is less known is that there are sugars which are essential to our health. They are necessary carbohydrates, sometimes called "glyconutrients", which is a neutraceutical term not a scientific one. Scientists call these sugars biological sugars, saccharides or mono-saccharides, otherwise known as plant sugars. Do NOT confuse them with the evil-labeled common table sugar!

There are eight known necessary essential sugars. They are: Glucose, Galactose, Fucose, Mannose, Glucosamine, Galactosamine, Neuraminic cid, and Xylose. All eight of them are needed for proper functioning of the body. Therir function is to enable cell to cell communication. On the surface of every cell in your body there are molecules called Glycoproteins which are made of sugars and proteins. Fat cells, or lipids, are made of sugars and fats (i.e. glycolipids).

These sugars form antenna on the outside walls of your cells. These antenna enable the cells to communicate. This is the very heart of your immune system! Without this communication your immune system would go haywire. In fact, 60+ diseases have been connected to a deficiency of one or more of these sugars.

Unfortunately, because we almost always green-harvest we aren't supplying our body with enough of these glyconutrients. Not only do we green harvest but many of us rely heavily on processed foods. Green harvesting and relying on processed foods is a double-whammy against our immune system. There are, however, various neutraceutical products which supply glyconutrients. I personally don't go a day without Limu Plus which has five of the eight known necessary glyconutrients in it. Supplements, however, are just that. Supplements. Nutritional products which supplement your already healthy food intake. They do not cure or treat any disease, nor do they make up for your nutritional sins.

Mother Nature has a plan for your health and is an awesome artist. For optimal health first start with your nutrient intake. Make your plate colorful with various fresh (or frozen) veggies and fruits. The more colorful your plate the more nutrients you are getting. Bon Appetit!

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  1. Hi: I like reading your posts, but I have a question...have you done research on the health benefits or diseases that are relative between an alkaline and acidic foods?
    I have done some and there is substantial evidence that high acidic foods and body systems create health problems from cancer, diabetes, skin conditions to mental health.