Saturday, April 11, 2009

Big Butt Burgers, Sodas and DNA

One of things I missed more than anything else when my lupus was active was working out. I loved to work out. Unfortunately during the years my lupus was active my body was exercise intolerant. Caused me much frustration. Remission has given me my life back and there are no words to describe how happy I am to be back in the gym.

Not only am I back in the gym I have lost 4% of the bodyfat I gained from years on prednisone. You should have seen me yesterday when I found out about the 4% loss. I was grinning from ear to ear all day...... and I still am. Another victory over lupus. Yesssss. So exercising, eating nutritionally and following the Shrink It Weight Loss system is working for me.

And what about you? If you're sitting there thinking you're healthy think again. Don't take your health for granted. So many people do. If you're not MOVING or if you are mostly eating processed foods you are a time bomb. You're setting yourself up for illness. The body needs to move, muscles need to be challenged and your body needs nutrition. Get your docs ok and find an exercise you enjoy!

It's such an easy thing to pull into a fast food drive-up or pop a microwave dinner into the microwave. Most folks do it without thinking. That (mega-sized) big butt burger, fries and soda isn't going to do a lot to support your health and processed convenience foods in general are nutrient poor.

How important is nutrition? In a recent issue of the Journal of Experimental Medicine a study concluded: "Human genes remember a sugar hit for two weeks, with prolonged poor eating habits capable of permanently altering DNA". Think about that seriously!

Changing a couch-potato-poor-eating lifestyle is a hard thing. But you can do it. Make one change at a time.

1. Add a salad every day.
2. Add two fruits every day.
3. Add 3 servings of veggies a day.
4. Take a walk every day.
5. Use manual doors at stores instead of the automatic doors.
6. Park farther away from the store or your work (in safe areas).
7. Cut back on coffee - switch to a cup of green tea.

Not an exhaustive list but you get the idea. Make small changes one at a time. Overtime you will see the benefit. As recommended in the June 2002 issue of JAMA every should supplement their nutrition with a good multi-nutrition product. If you don't need to lose weight you can get the Shrink It Weight Loss system products individually at my store.

Need help? I'm here to help you.

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