Monday, May 11, 2009

Belief and Survival

There was a time in my journey with Lupus (from which I am in remission) when one of my physicians referred to me as "unfortunate" and "steroid-dependent". There was a time when my cardiologist didn't think I should ever come of the heart drug he had put me on to manage paroxysmal tachycardia. At one time I needed three inhalers around the clock.

Today I am off all pharmaceuticals except for an inhaler I use maybe once or twice a year if one of my asthma triggers sneaks up on me. I'm not "unfortunate" or "steroid-dependent" but I would have continued to be had I only listened my physicians.

Interestingly in the sixteen years my lupus was active and I was struggling to stay off disability; not even one of my physicians ever inquired about my nutrition.

Why am I in remission? Why do I have my life back? How come today I lead a normal life and indeed workout four times a week? (I was exercise intolerant during the time my lupus was active).

It wasn't just that I met an RN who introduced me to nutrition and supplements. Yes, it's important to give your body the nutrients it needs so the immune system has the "tools" to work like it's designed too. Doing that certainly played a part in my regaining my life.

But it's also cos I refused to buy into my physicians negativity. They aren't gods and they don't have crystal balls to see into the future. I believed I could be well again.

A big part of the reason I am in remission is because I believed I could be.

Over the years I've met many people with Lupus. So many have bought into their disease. They become their disease. As they listen to the negativity of western medicine the option to get well disappears. They don't believe they can get well.

This scenario is played out in every major chronic illness.

I will suggest this to you. Believe you can get well. Give your body a chance to get well by giving it optimal nutrition and with your doctors permission exercise. You may be so sick you can't do much exercise. I myself was exercise intolerant when my Lupus was active. Do what you can. Don't push. There are exercise CD's with chair exercises. You might try those.

Just Believe. The only unfortunate people are the ones who accept the label.

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  1. Very good and sure makes one think .... !!!!

  2. Hello ,
    Its good to hear that you are out of inhalers.Because of their of the bad side effects from it .Good to have your thoughts out open .