Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Processed Danger

I have time and time again told folks the healthiest, most nutritious food is located around the perimeter of the grocery store. But I haven't talked much about the interior of the grocery store. What do you find in the interior aisles? Processed frankenfoods loaded with additives. "Foods" loaded with neurotoxins.

What are neurotoxins? A substance that causes damage to nerves or nerve tissue. What neurotoxins may you find in processed foods? Here's a whopper list of neurotoxic food additives:

autolyzed anything
barley malt
beef base
beef flavoring
beef stock
broth of any kind
calcium caseinate
chicken base
chicken broth
chicken flavoring
chicken stock
disodium anything
dough conditioner
gelatinized anything
gaur gum
hydrolyzed anything
kombu extract
malt anything
malted anything
milk solids
monosodium glutamate
natural flavor
pork base
pork flavoring
protein concentrate
protein extract
seasoned salt
smoke flavoring
sodium caseinate
solids of any kind
soup base
soy extract
soy protein anything
soy sauce
textured protein
textured vegetable protein
vegetable gum
whey anything
yeast extract

This list is from http://tinyurl.com/o8bqu9 (a terrific article)
For more info google "neurotoxins food".

What can you do? Become an ingredients reader! Note that many of the foods marketed to YOUR CHILDREN contain neurotoxic additives.

Better yet eat whole foods and know that you are giving yourself the best in nutrition. Remember the food/drink you imbibe/eat is what your body uses to make cells. Your health starts at the cell level. If your body has less than healthy ingredients to make new cells it's going to make cells which are not healthy. This is where disease starts.

Healthy cells = healthy organs = healthy systems = healthy body

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