Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Observations From a Wheelchair

Wow! For various reasons I won't go into I recently had occasion to spend some time in a wheelchair. Life is interesting from chair view.

Once I put my feelings about being in the wheelchair aside.... I observed some things. Lots of folks aren't happy. I've never seen so many scowls and wrinkled foreheads. Not to mention lots of folks are inconsiderate. And most everyone is stressed. Hey, I was at SeaWorld ... shouldn't be a place for scowls, frowns and wrinkled foreheads. Where were the smiles I should have seen at a fun place? Are folks so stressed they can't even relax when they are supposed to be having fun?

Do you realize that 90% of doctors office visits are related to symptoms arising from stress?

What does that tell you? It tells me maybe a lot of people need to make some changes in their lives. Do YOU? We all need to from time to time get off the merry-go-round and take stock of our life. IF we aren't happy and healthy we need to make changes.

Are you passionate about what you do for a living? Or is it just a job?
Do you get enough sleep?
Do you schedule fun? Yeah I said SCHEDULE. Stop being a work-aholic!
Do you give your body the nutrients it needs?
Do you put up with tolerations?
Are the people closest to you positive? Do they support your endeavors?
What is YOUR mental outlook? Are you positive? or do you engage in negative self-talk?

Answer those questions honestly. Your life depends on it.


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