Friday, July 31, 2009

Healthy Hope and Change

Hope and change. We were promised hope and change. And yes, our healthcare system needs some hope and change. I think we all agree on the basics. We know what we want the end-product to look like. It's the "how to" which trips us up. We have world-class healthcare here in the great United States of America. That is why people from other countries (with universal care systems) come here for care.

Free market systems encourage innovation and our country leads in development of new technologies and treatments. We must not make thoughtless changes which stymie innovation. It would not only hurt our people, but people the world over.

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. ~Robert Louis Stevenson

As I read the various proposals for healthcare changes, seems to me folks are suggesting planting some very bad seeds. My heart sank as I read. The lack of reverence for life I see in these proposals is appalling. Every life is precious. One is not more precious than the other. Every life has a purpose. And every life is important to the world. It is a profound loss to the world to not value our elderly. Their wisdom is the worlds salvation. It makes me cry when I wonder how many scientists, poets, leaders and thinkers have been aborted. What a loss to the world.

Yes currently end of life care is costing us greatly. But why are we talking about mandated end of life discussions? Why are we planning lessening care? We should be stressing encouragement of healthy healthstyles! Providing nutrition education! Why aren't we talking about exercise? Why not provide exercise classes (not just for the elderly) for everyone? Exercise should be a lifelong daily activity. Why not stress the importance of exercise in schools? Mandate an hour of exercise every school day. And why do we allow processed foods with unhealthy ingredients to be marketed to our children?

As a 30 yr healthcare professional I have seen the difference between a 65 yr old who did not lead an active healthy healthstyle life and one who did. I've seen 90 yr olds spryer than folks in their 50's. Their spryness and bright mental acuity was due to their healthstyle and remarkable positive outlook on life. When exercise and good nutrition are lifelong partners ills are prevented. As a country our healthcare costs are greatly impacted by the healthstyle of our people. It's time to change the standard american diet and lifestyle.

As I read the various proposals for healthcare changes it occurred to me most want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. We do not need to overturn our whole healthcare system in order to "fix" healthcare. Nor should we do anything which would lessen the quality of care. As a 30 yr health professional thats what I see in these proposals; a lessening of quality of care. Nor should there be pork and payoffs in the healthcare proposals. The betterment of healthcare should only be about healthcare. Time to overhaul congress way of doing things. We need politicians with backbones and honest values. I'm anxious to see who steps up to the plate.

Let's fix the problems with with the systems we have. Price gouging needs to stop. Stop the unfairness regarding pre-existing disorders. Put the decisions fully back into the hands of physicians. Reform liability laws. Put a cap on lawyers fees. Put a stop to frivolous lawsuits. And go after the fraud in the medicare system. Nor should the tax dollars of our people be used to reward those who enter our country illegally.

Let's fix what's wrong with what we have. Not enact a monstrosity which would create more government. We can provide healthcare to our people without doing that. Let's remember the tenets upon which America was founded and hold true to them while providing the best healthcare in the world.

But remember always healthcare starts with YOU. The government is not going to make you healthier. Not even your doctor can do that. YOUR healthstyle determines your quality of health. Take responsibility for it.

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