Sunday, September 27, 2009

Minivans and Lunchables: A Culture in Crisis

As many of you know I had a long battle with Lupus and am now in remission. Along my road to wellness I discovered the power of nutrition and the lack of nutrition in the standard american diet (S.A.D.). What I learned fueled my reasons for heading back to school to earn my Masters in Holistic Nutrition.

Let's look at it in a historical perspective .... we used to eat whole foods. We grew them in our gardens, bought them at the local market, prepared them in our kitchens.

Then the Industrial Revolution happened.... modern farming practices were introduced, the food industry changed...... produce was trucked from one area to another. In order to get produce from one area to another without going bad it was picked green thus leaving it nutrient poor. Eventually moms went to work outside the home. The era of minivans and lunchables was launched. Industry was all to happy to provide easy, convenient meals for mom to fix. I remember my own mothers gleeful buying of tv dinners. Read the ingredients list of those easy, convenient meals and you will find a laundry list of chemicals. Chemicals your body was not designed to assimilate. As industry grew so did the list of chronic illnesses and obesity. The worst thing industry did (in my humble opinion) is market frankenfoods to children. There's a place in hell reserved for those who market frankenfoods to children.

Today we have a cultural nutrition nightmare.

Families need real mealtimes and real food. Whole foods. Fresh veggies and fruits. What you and your children eat today impacts your/their future health.

The body runs on real nutrients. Nutrients you aren't getting if your diet is predominantly processed, manufactured or fast food. Every cell in the body is made from the nutrients you give it.

In 2002, it was recommended in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Assoc) everyone supplement their diet with a quality multi-nutrition product. The USDA food pyramid was changed to include more servings. Why? Because our produce contains 5-40% less minerals and vitamins than it used to. We can't eat enough to get the vitamins and minerals we need. The problem is magnified with the fact that many, if not most of us to begin with don't always eat the healthiest .

Consider that 85% of all disease can be directly attributed to lifestyle. 70% of all cancer can be PREVENTED thru good nutrition. 95% of office visits are due to symptoms arising from stress. Kids are showing up with Type 2 diabetes and obesity. The number one killer of kids is cancer. Chronic diseases are skyrocketing.

We MUST change.

We need to stop the insane busy-ness which feeds into our need for easy, convenient "foods". As a culture we need to set aside time for family connectedness and mealtimes of real food. True nutrition. Not a run thru a fast food place. Not microwaved processed food eaten in front of the tv. We need to sit down as family. Connect with each other and eat real food. Whole foods. Fresh veggies and fruits. Our lives depend on it.

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