Monday, November 16, 2009

Supplements, Healthstyle and Change

Are supplements worth the money you pay for them?

A recent study,the Health Impact Study IV, commissioned by the Dietary Supplement Education Alliance showed that:

In a five yr period, if all Americans who are enrolled in Medicare took calcium with vitamin D daily, it could result in 776,000 fewer hospitalizations for hip fractures. If everyone over the age of of 65 took 1800 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids daily, coronary heart disease would be reduced so that 374,000 hospitalizations would be avoided. If people with age-related macular degeneration took 6-10mg lutein with zeaxanthin daily 191000 sufferers could avoid needing skilled help at home or moving into nursing homes.

These are only a few of the supplements available to you. As you can see they do help. It is important to remember, however, supplements do not make-up for your nutritional sins. Their purpose is to SUPPLEMENT your nutrition. Note that in 2002 the Journal of the American Medical Association recommended everyone supplement their diet with a quality multi-nutrition product.

The body runs on vitamins and minerals. Give your body the "tools" it needs and amazing things happen.

Nutrition and supplements, supporting my immune system gave me back my life. Very few of us, me included, live a perfectly healthy life. Regularly look at your healthstyle and discern what you can do better. Do you eat to much food which is processed, manufactured, or fast foods? I've had clients who didn't think they did until I had them keep a journal. You might try keeping a journal for a while.

And it's not just nutrition which you should be aware of; how stressed are you? Do you schedule time to wind down? Do you get enough exercise?

A study in Psychological Science (2008), "The Cognitive Benefits of Interacting with Nature" showed the benefits of relaxation. It showed walking in a nature environment was more recuperative than taking a walk in a city environment. Nature is restorative, relaxing, allows our brains to not be as active, whereas city sights and sounds require attention and keeps our brain working. So when you can take a walk in a park! Get back to nature. Visit a zoo.

Very few, in fact only 8% of American adults, engage in all five major behaviors promoting health:

1. Maintaining a healthy weight
2. Eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily
3. Exercising at least 12 times a month
4. Drinking alcohol only in moderation
5. Not smoking

Where do you need to focus?

What can you do better?
Add a salad everyday.
Schedule exercise time.
Get a personal trainer?
Add a couple fruits a day.
Get adequate rest.

Make one change at a time.

You can do it.

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