Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getting Unstuck

When clients come to me they are many times in a state of overwhelm. They know there are many things they need to change in their lives to create a healthier lifestyle. Most of the time change became an impossible frustrating experience because they have tried to change so many things at once.

Part of the problem is folks need to just make one change at a time and when comfortable with that go on to the next one; instead of changing many things at once. But the other part of the problem is what they are thinking. They focus on their failure instead of any success they may have had.

Think about this. When you were a child learning to ride a bike you fell down. But before you fell you maybe rode two feet. You felt a taste of success during that two feet didn't you? That taste of success made you get back on that bike again and again until you rode around the block. However, what if when you fell down you focused on falling down. Would you have ever rode a bike? Would you even consider getting back on the bike?

Many people get stuck in life, in relationship problems, in weight loss problems, in financial problems because they focus on the failure and not the glimmers of success.

Focus on your moments of success and build on them! Go for it! You were meant to have an extra-ordinary life!

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