Monday, April 18, 2011

Why I Grow Food

It's my favorite time of the year. I'm anxiously planning my patio container garden. For the last several years I've grown veggies in containers on my patio. Despite all my years of observing my parents grow their garden there has been a learning curve. Last summer though, I grew an amazing amount of veggies in containers on my patio. It was delightfully fun!

Why do I grow food? There are so many reasons. First, the sheer joy of watching plants grow, blossom and bring forth fresh food. There is nothing like the succulent goodness of a fresh tomato. Growing your own food you have security in knowing how healthfully it was grown. There is great satisfaction and stress relief in planting and tending a container garden.  It's very exciting when the first veggies appear! I use organic soil and growing in containers have no need of weed poisons. I also have not needed any poisons to get rid of pesky bugs but will use organic methods if bugs become a problem.  Thus far I have successfully grown tomatoes, bell peppers, green beans, squash and zucchini. Here's a picture of part of last summers patio container garden:

Having only a small space in which to grow your container garden is not limiting. You are only limited by your imagination!  It's fun to design your container garden. There are so many colorful containers from which to  choose. What will you grow?  What are your favorite vegetables? Is there a vegetable you've never eaten but would like to try? Do you want to grow tomatoes? There are many, many varieties of tomatoes from which to pick!                                                                                                  
I hope you will consider planting a garden this growing season!   It's a great project to get your kids involved in!  It doesn't take a lot of space or even a lot of time and the benefits are many!  Fresh veggies are terrific for your health!  There is great joy in growing, harvesting and eating food which you grew. There's nothing more wonderful than the taste of freshly harvested vegetables!   

You can do it! Start planning! Get out there and ENJOY!



  1. Pam,

    It's unbelievable how much food can be grown on tiny little parcels of land! We have lots of land but started with a little square garden last year and had enough produce for several families. What a blessing - thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes Sue, last summer I had enough veggies to give to friends and neighbors!