Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Day I Met An Angel

You may, if you've read my writing for any time, recall I was diagnosed in 1987 with Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease which eventually morphed into mostly Lupus. Though today I am now in remission nearly ten years, back in the late 80's early 90's I wasn't doing so well. My pulmonary physician referred to me in his notes as "unfortunate" and "steroid dependent." He had sent me to pulmonary rehab which in the end really didn't do much for me. Well, it did depress me. I was at a low-point emotionally and physically.

Not having a washer or dryer I would take my clothes two blocks away to the local "Duds N Suds". One day during my low-point I was doing my laundry and a poorly dressed lady came in. She walked straight up to me and asked if I knew God loved me. I replied "yes I do" I confess more to get rid of her than in belief. I didn't see her leave. She just disappeared. I never did see her again. Interestingly she didn't have any laundry with her. I believe to this day and always will believe; she was an angel sent from God to remind me, to pick me up and remind me and give me hope. Because hmmm, I really hadn't been living as though I knew God loved me. On some level I knew it. I just needed a kick in the pants. The love in that lady's eyes and her question was more than a kick in the pants. Those few moments changed my life.

Those few moments contributed as much or more to the remission I would finally achieve, as did the nutrition and nutritional supplements I added to my food-plan. Do you know someone who is chronically ill? You can be their angel.

When you feel like there's nothing more for you but dying; when because of illness you feel you don't have much left to contribute or there is no hope of wellness and then someone cares enough to reach out to you and tell you God loves you; that they care about you; it changes your life. It creates hope. An action of caring puts a fire under the will to live and gives renewed worth to a life. This month is Lupus awareness month. I've always had mixed feelings about the focus on "awareness." Nobody can really understand the difficulties of coping with a life with Lupus unless they've experienced it.

You can, however, change a life by a simple gesture. Offer to take them shopping,to do their shopping for them, to take them to their doctor appointment or to bring them a meal. It's hard to ask for help. Don't wait for them to ask. If you know someone who is battling a chronic illness go let them know you care. Be someone's angel. Tell them God loves them. He does.

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