Saturday, June 1, 2013

Life's Blinks

Life can change in a blink. As tough and frustrating as they are I am grateful for those blinks. It is in those blinks we have a choice to focus on the negative and wallow in self-pity or re-treasure the things in life you’ve taken for granted. It’s in coping with those blinks you grow wiser and change the things in your life which do not support your health and happiness. Life's blinks make you stop the "busy-ness." How often are we so caught up in "busy-ness" we lose focus of what is truly important to our health and happiness? Sometimes in slowing down and stopping the "busy-ness" we find much in our lives for which to feel gratitude. There is something good to be found in each of life’s left turns. Always look for the positive. It’s there. Always.

Go sit somewhere comfortable. Ponder this:

What in your life does not support your health and happiness? What makes you truly happy? How can you have more of that in your life?

Don't be like the young man who looked at a Harley and said "I'll never have that." Thinking like that he's right. He won't. How often so many of us cut ourselves off from what we want by how we think!

So what makes you truly happy? And what are your positive steps to having it in your life?

I'll ask you again, What in your life does not support your health and happiness? What are some positive steps you can take to change that?

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