Sunday, October 6, 2013


I went to a health lecture a couple years ago. The speaker said something life-altering.  It's not that we are living longer; it's that we are taking longer to die.  Statistics are showing the average persons health is failing the last ten years of life.

What do want your end of life quality to be?

We must be deliberate, thoughtful, serious and responsible about giving our bodies the nutrition it requires. Illness is your body crying out for help, for nutrients it isn't getting and love it isn't feeling. When we give our body the nutrients it needs our immune system can overcome nearly every disorder. A healthy immune system, in fact, kills cancer every day in your body.

Processed foods, fake sugars and fast food are killing us.

In good choices, in the attitude of gratitude and being aware and attentive to your wellness, both physical and emotional, your whole life will be richer.

Share your smiles.
Stop smoking.
Eat healthy whole foods.
Take time to appreciate the beauty around you.
Be grateful.


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