Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Avoiding The Flu Shot - Staying Well

Oh myyyyy there's a swine flu threat. Quick make a vaccine. HUH? Not so quick. There are a lot of reasons to avoid the flu shot. I worry about folks thinking a flu shot is the end all be all to protection. There is such a push for folks to get flu shots and not near enough talk about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for wellness. There is a lot YOU can do for YOUR HEALTH. And YOU should be doing it!

Flu shots aren't a guarantee of protection. We all remember in 2004 when the flu vaccine didn't cover the prevalent strain. There was also a study published in the Lancet which revealed there was no correlation between the flu shot and reduced risk of pneumonia. Other studies have come to the conclusion the flu vaccine is no more effective than a placebo. Hmmmm, the "experts" don't talk much about that do they?

One of the most important parts of personal responsibility for wellness is to not just follow advice. Let me explain. Some people have what I call the "Lemming Syndrome". If docs say it it must be true and they don't feel the need to find out the facts for themselves. Don't be a Lemming! Get the facts for yourself. It's YOUR LIFE we're talking about here. Who cares the most about YOU? YOU DO.

Have you ever wondered about what is in a flu shot? You really should. Read This and Read This TOO Draw your own conclusions. Note that vaccines contain mercury. In fact, there is 250 times the mercury than what is legally classified as hazardous waste in a multi-dose flu shot. Does it make sense to you to inject that in people? There are antibiotics in vaccines -- to kill off STRAY BACTERIA -- in the cocktail. Don't ya think it's a little scary to know there are stray bacteria in there? Google why those stray bacteria are in there and where they come from. (Well, I'm not gonna do all your research for you.)

Some vaccines contain Polysorbate 80. Look it up on PubMed While your looking things up; look up the connections being made about the combination of mercury, formaldehye and aluminum causing Alzheimer's.

Finally, consider that there is no evidence that flu shots actually work. You can find studies which say just that on Pub Med.

So what do you do?

1. Make sure your body has an adequate level of Vitamin D. (You can test for this in the lab - ask your doc.)Also google "Vitamin D".
2. Cut out sugar! Sugar depresses the immune system.
3. Manage your stress! Stress depresses the immune system.
4. Eat for health. Think nutrition. Eat whole fruits and veggies. Add garlic (a natural antibiotic) to your favorite recipes. Drink healthy green drinks (i.e. juice together broccoli, kale, cucumber and celery and add an apple).
5. Get sleep. Lack of adequate sleeptime depresses the immune system.
6. As recommended in the June 2002 issue of JAMA add a quality nutrition supplement to your health regimen. I recommend VitaOne and Limu Plus .
7. Get into the habit of daily exercise. It helps strengthen the immune system and relieves stress.

One thing good about the swine flu threat is it gets people thinking about how NOT to get sick. Health is so often taken for granted. Start today to take more personal responsibility for your wellness. Wellness is freedom and illness is a prison with a lot less choices.

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  1. Very immpressive and very helpful information.
    I can not take the flu shots, or most vaccines because I am allergic to mycins, sufonamides, horse serum, and eggs. (Along with a few dozen other things!) That pretty much keeps you off the vaccine lists.
    Holistic medicine, diet, green tea, clean filtered water, and exercise have worked well for me. Thank you, Pam, for some very good insite, and healthy information. Tics >^..^<