Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Answer Between Your Ears

One of the most misleading protocols of conventional medicine is having people pop a pill to "treat" high blood pressure as though it were a disease. When their blood pressure drops they conclude they have solved their problem. Many doctors are happy at this point also. Hmmm blood pressure is high .... pop a pill .... blood pressure comes down ... everybody is happy. If your doctor is happy at this point......RUN! That doctor is into SICKCARE not HEALTHCARE.

Masking a symptom does not address the cause and does NOT create wellness. The blood pressure was not high due to a deficiency of blood pressure medication.

What if the person:
excessively consumes salt? doesn't manage stress well? has a deficiency of magnesium? has a below normal vitamin D level? doesn't drink an adequate amount of water? lives a primarily sedentary lifestyle and is overweight?

Blood pressure medicine doesn't fix any of those situations. Yes, high blood pressure is dangerous and a person may need medication to get them out of a danger zone. But along with medication they should receive instruction in lifestyle changes. Most of the time people are placed on a pharmaceutical and left there.

Now tell me. Does it really make sense to you to take a drug and NOT address the REASON the blood pressure is high?

Pharmaceuticals are not panaceas. They have side effects which can themselves negatively impact your life. We have become spoiled by convenience and convenience is killing us. It would be nice if we could just pop a pill for any ill that shows up. The sales of pharmaceuticals illustrate a large part of our population buys into the myth of "wellness"-by-pharmaceutical". But though they are life-saving in acute situations pharmaceuticals rarely if ever are the whole answer to a chronic problem.

85% of all disease can be directly attributed to lifestyle. Many cases of hypertension can be solved with lifestyle changes. The answer is between your ears. It's being consciously aware of the choices you make. The healthful choice is rarely the convenient one.

Real wellness is created by addressing the cause of the symptom. High blood pressure is NOT a disease, it is a symptom of a deeper problem. It often signifies lax healthstyle habits. Symptoms are the way your body tells you something is wrong. It is your body crying out for something it needs. (Think nutrients, water, exercise!)

Don't be satisfied with popping a pill. Strive in partnership with your physician to make healthful healthstyle changes. You may just find you don't need that pill.

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