Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pandemic Pandemonium

Well good morning folks! Had an interesting (and very tiring) shift at the hospital last nite. Our ER was on diversion. (Meaning not accepting any more people - diverting to other hospitals). Why? not because of weather or trauma cases... but because the ER was crammed full of people freaked out by the swine flu.

And guess what, not even one of them had swine flu.

Let's calm our jitters. Folks who cram ER's for no good reason could possibly delay services to folks who REALLY need help. We are not at the moment having a pandemic. In fact, at this point we shouldn't even use the word. I believe the media and various government agencies have used this word very irresponsibly. At this point we don't even have an epidemic, much less a pandemic.

Yes, we should be concerned. Caution is called for here but not craziness. I can't imagine why our government leaders haven't CLOSED OUR BORDER with Mexico. (Boggles the mind doesn't it?) Maybe we should ask our leaders why our border has not been closed? Ask the senate and congress and our president

What should YOU DO?

Take personal responsibility for YOUR HEALTH. Wash your hands, support/strengthen your immune system by eating recommended servings of veggies/fruits, take a quality multi-nutrition product (I recommend VitaOne and Limu Plus and get plenty of rest.

I will go on record saying I don't believe in flu shots (nor is there one for swine flu). I believe (and I'm not alone in believing) immunizations weaken your immune system. Do YOUR due diligence and come to your own conclusions about that. Especially google the ingredients of immunizations before you take the step of getting a flu shot. If you think it makes sense to inject that cocktail in your one and only precious body.... well, what can I say? Ouch. Read here: http://tinyurl.com/c5jf9v and http://tinyurl.com/djh64w .

The people who survive epidemics have strong immune systems.
Isn't that just common sense?
How do you have a strong immune system?

Get plenty of rest.
Get Moderate amount of physical exercise .
Manage stress.
.....and as recommended in the June 2002 issue of JAMA supplement your diet with a quality multi-nutrition supplement.

So don't let the media whip your emotions up! Use your common sense. Take CARE of yourself. Every cell in your body is made from the nutrition you take in. Take in nutritionally-poor junk foods and your body will build cells which may not function normally. Help your body to help you. Take in nutritionally dense veggies and fruits and build cells which are strong. Give your body the nutrients it thrives on!

Healthy cells make healthy systems make a healthy body!

Make sense to you! Yes! Good! Now calm down and take good care of you!

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