Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Two Furkids, A Lady and a Cat

Spent some time sitting by the lake yesterday pondering what I would write for this blogpost. I contemplated once again what I wanted to accomplish with this blog and how to better help folks with nutrition. My thoughts drifted to what an amazing journey I've had with Lupus.... and back to health. I've been in remission a little over six years. I think I can (and will) stop counting now.

I live here by the lake with two furkids and we (the furkids and I)  have a cat. The cat is not a furkid. Cats don't join things. Cats run things. The two furkids, Petey and Penny, are chihuahuas. But they don't know that. The cat has a name also, Pounder. But he doesn't answer to it.  He is however, really lovable. Well, lovable most of the time; but not when we get company. He lets company know in no uncertain terms how very unwelcome they are. Just because all they ever see are his teeth; no one believes he's lovable. Imagine that.

It's a really long story how I came to be so involved in nutrition but I'll make it shorter. I promise. You see in the middle of my journey with Lupus I met an RN who showed me how really powerful nutrition could be. When I met her I'd been dealing with Lupus for 16 years. Not one physician in all those years ever asked about my nutrition. Nutrition is what gave me my life back. That's why I went back to school and earned a Masters in Holistic Nutrition.

Well, that's part of the reason.

You see I have worked in respiratory care as a respiratory therapist for over 25 years. The really sad situations I've witnessed as a respiratory therapist and the amazing difference nutrition made in my life made me realize something very important.

We're killing ourselves. Is it to extreme to say that? Ummm.... I don't think so. The standard american lifestyle and diet are lethal. Every shift I work as a respiratory therapist this is validated to me. Our hospitals are full of people with lifestyle disorders. Disorders which didn't have to happen.

Food matters and what many, many of us are eating is seriously not healthy.

I don't know this little boy but he's right: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7Id9caYw-Y 

It's a hard thing to transition from the standard american lifestyle and diet. But like he said you can pay the farmer or you can pay the hospital. Over the years I've seen people with multiple admissions to the hospital. They would always reach for the next best drug but they almost NEVER paid serious attention to what they ate or gave much thought to exercise.

And I can tell you from experience as hard as it is to make changes in your life; it's easier to stay well than to get well.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and everyone would be eating the appropriate amount of veggies and fruits and consistently exercising and thinking positive thoughts. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand and I can only help those who raise their hands and ask.

You can raise your hand and ask by subscribing to my newsletter Empower Wellness at http://optimizetoheal.com/ .  I hope I'll be seeing you. Don't worry the cat won't hurt you.


  1. Great article Pam! Eating right and daily exercise are really the only way to go. Once you get the hang of it there is no going back to feeling and being unhealthy. It can be difficult to get started but the payoff is so well worth the effort!!

    Keep up the great articles!! Drugs don't work... diets don't work...

  2. Nice post, Pam. I agree that exercise and nutrition are more important than most of us give them credit for being. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Wonderful, Pam! Bravo to you! And I applaud your efforts to help us all! I love chihuahuas as well. Do you know @QueenofSpain on twitter? She was just diagnosed with lupus, has had part of her bowel removed, and had a hysterectomy. I think she needs you. Love, molly