Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Seat In Hell

Food is the most powerful drug on earth and yet we don't think about it. We mindlessly pull into drive-up windows and eat big butt burgers, fries and sodas or imbibe $4 coffees. Most of us don't give a second thought to the nutrition (or lack thereof) in our food. But we wonder why the ranks of chronic illnesses and obesity are swelling (no pun intended). Are we stupid?

Think about this. Humans are the only creatures on the face of the earth which feed their children junk food. How dumb are we? Seriously, have you stopped to read the ingredients of some of the food marketed to kids. I swear there must be a seat in hell reserved for anyone who would market frankenfood to kids. Do you realize cancer is the #1 killer of kids? And we're now seeing Type 2 diabetes (an ADULT disease) in children. Ya think it could be what they are eating? and drinking? Are we stupid?

Considering food as a powerful natural drug; here's something to think about:

"With the exception of accidents and suicide, the 10 leading causes of death in the US can all be caused by eating the wrong diet, and all of them have been cured by eating the right diet!"

There's an awful lot of evidence out there that what you eat is pretty darn important to your best level of survival, huh! Throughout this blog I've been telling you to think twice about processed foods. We all need to be eating fresh fruits and veggies and much much much less processed foods. Whole foods should be the centerpiece of your healthstyle.

Let's look at the benefits of just one food, grapes:

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It would be to your benefit if you cast all processed foods from your life. It CAN be done! It's a CHOICE folks. Make the right one. The future quality of your precious life depends on it.

Oh well there I go ranting again..... sometimes I can't help myself. Went to the grocery store this morning and do you know how MANY grocery carts I saw with NOT ONE fresh veggie or fruit in them. Carts full of frankenfoods filled with colorings, preservatives, sugar, ugh! .... it was a holistic nutritionist bad dream. I very nearly needed to duct tape my mouth. Honest.

Soooo tell me how are YOU doing on the Shrink It Weight Loss System I need to hear from you! I've had a few of you call me but I know there's more of you out there. I don't bite but I may take your potato chips away from you. Seriously, I'm here for you! Let me HELP YOU. K?

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  1. Keep driving your message home Pam. My life's journey lead me to this simple road to natural health too. So glad, because it changed my life in many ways. I feel better now than before I took that walk.

    But, don't assume others are not getting anything out of the process of being sick. It is a necessary step that gives birth to what you want.

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