Monday, May 4, 2009

Eat For Health

This is what I tell my clients..... Look at it this way .... if you love your life, (you DO don't you?) ....... you will want to take care of your body. If you were diagnosed with a life threatening disease you would change your unhealthy eating habits .... you might even exercise more (if you could) ... but you wouldn't be doing those things because of what the scale said or how you feel about how you look. You'd be doing those things because you love your life and didn't want it cut short.

Why wait till you get sick? And as you answer that question keep in mind the most dangerous answer is "it won't happen to me". Health is not something you can be lackadaisical about. There's a time factor. You may be seemingly healthy now...... but unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise will catch up with you....

Instead of waiting and REACTING to illness:
Why not do all you can now to support your immune system and optimal wellness?
Why not do all you can now to PREVENT illness?
Why not adopt a healthy life routine and healthy eating habits now?

Doing anything less is playing russian roulette with your life. It honestly is. And if you follow a healthy life routine with attention to MOVING and eat a healthy diet based on whole foods .... you will lose weight without obsessing over what your scale says.

If you’re not feeling and looking your best, well, let me say..... you are better than that. It’s time to be relentlessly who you really are! Get some gumption ... enough is enough ..... no more excuses .... fight fat right back!Force your fat to sweat.... build muscle. Get ENERGIZED.

Freedom blossoms as fat dissipates and your true physique emerges! It's empowering when people start to notice.... empowering when you get complimented... empowering when you notice you have the energy you used to have! Your self esteem will be boosted off the map when you have to buy smaller, better fitting clothes, even a new bathing suit. You'll find health is the new wealth!! The real you is empowered to be the best you..

MY TOP TIPS.......

READ labels....banish artificial sweeteners from your life.
READ labels ... banish high fructose corn syrup from your life.
READ labels.... know that MSG is hidden behind ingredient terms such as yeast extract, autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed soy protein,citric acid,Calcium caseinate,Sodium caseinate,Gelatin. Those who eat more monosodium glutamate weigh more.

See study:

Eat a percentage of your food raw... your body needs the enzymes. Drink water. MOVE!!!!! Your muscles were meant to be used..... using your muscles helps your body to work right. And last but not least muscle burns more calories than fat.

Consider the Shrink It Weight Loss System. It encourages healthy eating, exercise and supplementation. The June 2002 issue of JAMA recommended supplementation due to variance in peoples eating habits and the decreased nutrients in our produce. Vitamins/minerals in our produce has been found to be 5 -40% decreased.

Lastly, know that health is freedom. Illness lessens your choices in life. Don't take your health for granted. Eat for health!

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