Monday, May 4, 2009

Small Changes Big Benefits

What with the continual onslaught of food industry advertising of processed foods... convenience foods,... drive up windows at fast food places (for the latest greatest upsized combo) etc. No wonder we have an obesity epidemic. And no wonder our medical system is in the shape it is in.

Many people have literally grown up with "THAT" kind of advertising inundating them and that kind of eating being a natural, "normal" type of eating for them which isn't healthy at all. Walk down the cereal aisle and see what kids are being inundated with today. It's horrendous. Kids are now turning up with Type 2 diabetes which is an adult disease... and the number one killer of kids is now cancer. Look at what they are eating!

Every time we turn on the tv we are lied to about the "healthiness" of processed foods. For folks who have grown up with this inundation to move to a healthier way of living is a huge shift in thinking and doing.

But we must do a paradigm shift in thinking. Well first we have to START THINKING and stop allowing the advertising agencies to program our buying habits and appetites.

First, understand that eating processed food is NOT normal. We've been conditioned to eat processed foods. They are nutrient-poor. We must get back to eating whole foods.

Once had a client , a young mother of three, say to me "But Pam how do you not eat processed foods they are all around you?" ...... Well, it would be easy if we could all have a veg chef move in with us ... I've wished for that myself.

You have to remember two things:

1. It's a choice - what you eat becomes a part of your body. What you eat determines a lot not just about your health now but also in the future.Think heart disease,diabetes, cancer, arthritis, etc. Those are largely preventable!

Dr Dean Ornish did a study which showed that what you eat can turn on or keep from turning on the bad genes in your body. It showed we have an amazing amount of control over our health that most of us aren't taking advantage of.

You can choose what is good for you and the more you do so the more of a habit it becomes. You don't have to deprive yourself. Just make better choices and use portion control. (Not to forget exercise!)

Lots of people have problems with the exercise... I tell them (after they get the ok from their doctor to start an exercise program) to start out with 10 minutes in the morning. Give yourself, your future health, your stress level.... just 10 minutes in the morning. No 10 minutes isn't enough but it's a start. You have to start somewhere.

What can you do in those 10 minutes? You can work out with free weights or a Leslie Sansone walking dvd, get on your elliptical or treadmill, etc. There's a lot of things you can do with that 10 minutes. But, of course, check with your physician first to make sure there's no reason to not start an exercise program... especially if you've been sedentary for a long time.

I guarantee when that 10 minutes becomes a habit..... you'll be seeing and feeling the results and want to do more than 10 minutes.

2.The healthiest foods are located around the perimeter of your grocery store (i.e. whole foods). Another way to look at this is if its in a box or a can or you need a chemistry book to understand the ingredients then you don't want to eat it. You really don't hardly need to step into the center of the store. This revelation I know takes the biggest paradigm shift in thought and do. Most people need to learn how to plan their meals and cook much differently. I have found it's easiest to gradually add the "whole foods" mindset a little at a time. Jumping in with both feet is a sure disaster.

Make small changes. Make one good new health habit a week. In a short time you'll feel like a new you!

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