Monday, May 4, 2009

Weight Problems and Common Sense

I believe folks simply need to use their common sense and follow a common sense nutrition plan. God gave us what we needed. Whole foods. Have you seen any wild animals with a weight problem?

We have an obesity epidemic..... and incidence of chronic disease is climbing. Why? Because we don't eat nutritionally well, our diets are predominantly made up of processed foods and we don't move our muscles enough.

I like the shrink it weight loss system It encourages both healthy eating and exercise. I especially like that it gets folks in the habit of supplementing their nutrition (as was recommended in June 2002 JAMA issue). Its a healthy sane system. (and I'm giving free health coaching support with the purchase of the system).

What did YOU eat yesterday? Any fresh veggies? It astounds me when I go to the grocery store and I see carts piled high with processed foods and not one fresh veggie or fruit in the cart.

Isn't it time you stopped the madness?

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1 comment:

  1. Hey Pam,
    So true what you have said , unlucky in this world of educated people common sense is simply fading away .Thanks for writing such a thought provoking post .Keep in touch .